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Software Developer/Programmer

Primary responsibilities include software design and implementation on various development stacks. The right candidate will ...
Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $20 and $50 01/26/2015

Chief Software Architect

What do we need from you? gTeam is looking for a stellar Chief Architect to be responsible for the architecture, design and d...
Full-time job (telecommute)
over 26$ per hour 12/17/2014

Web Developer (remote)

We are a UK based online retailer and wholesale distributer. Due to current expansion within the business we require a multi ...
Full-time job (telecommute)
6$-8$ per hour 08/17/2014

Front-office project manager

Project Description: ! IMPORTANT NOTE ! > Work is Geneva based >Business French and English is mandatory >Unrestricted Swiss... Full-time job (in office)
over 26$ per hour EXPIRED

PHP, MySql, Ajax & Java Dev.

we are searching for a high skilled php,mysql, ajax & java coder/developer with at least 3-4 years experience who is also abl... Full-time job (in office)
16$-20$ per hour EXPIRED

Remote WordPress/PHP Developer

We are a small website development company and looking for a remote part-time WordPress Developer with excellent knowledge of... Part-time job (telecommute)
9$-10$ per hour EXPIRED

XT-Commerce Data & Image Entry

For a current project we are looking for a person who is familar with data entry in XT-Commerce shop system. The product data... Part-time job (telecommute)
6$-8$ per hour EXPIRED

Design a new web portal

We need a designer to design a new web portal and associated components for a SaaS project.... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $510 and $1,000 EXPIRED

Remote PHP/MYSQL Developer

We are looking for an experience PHP/MySQL Developer (preferrably from Ukraine) to work on a startup project. All html/css pr... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $510 and $1,000 EXPIRED

Magento / PHP Developer

We are a German internet and marketing agency based in Stuttgart and looking for a strategic partnership with a small exper... Full-time job (telecommute)
16$-20$ per hour EXPIRED
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