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Gambling Template program data

I am not exactly sure what programming needs I need - so forgive me if this is under the wrong description. I am looking for ... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $510 and $1,000 EXPIRED

Web Design Project

web design services needed... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $110 and $500 EXPIRED

Membership Database Development

Need to program a school membership database to include contact info of families and their children who study at the school. ... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $60 and $100 EXPIRED

5 page website needed

i need a 5 page website. I can provide picture and flash and a website i like.... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $60 and $100 EXPIRED

Layout changes to website

I need someone who knows how to work in ExpressEngine v1.6.0 in order to fix the layout bugs on website... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $20 and $50 EXPIRED

Logo Designer

We are in need of a logo, corporate identity graphic designer. you must be able to design logos in vector graphic (corel draw... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $60 and $100 EXPIRED

PHP/MySQL Programmer

Looking for an experienced PHP/MySQL Programmer to work on website development projects for U.S. clients. If you have to sh... Part-time job (telecommute)
9$-10$ per hour EXPIRED

Clone of

I need an exact clone of with one additional thing: All the to-do lists should be on the same page instead of ea... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $110 and $500 EXPIRED
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